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Your First Lesson

What will I be doing for my first lesson?

Initially and until each student is capable of properly performing the basic tasks involved in getting the horse ready and putting him away, part of the lesson will include the "Before the Ride" and "After the Ride" tasks. After mastering these tasks, the student may come earlier to groom and tack up. Then the lesson will be wholly devoted to the ride.

Please wear:

  • Long pants (jeans or riding breeches)
  • Boots or shoes with hard soles and at least a " heel
  • Hard hat (available at the barn).


In this first lesson, the student will be introduced to the following:

  • The correct tack adjustments for:
    • Bridle
    • Stirrups
    • Girth
  • Proper mounting and dismounting procedures
  • How to do stretches and reaches
  • The relationship between correct body position and balance.
  • Horses footfall sequence at walk
  • Following the horse's movements with your body.
  • Holding the reins correctly.
  • The aids for halt and walk.
  • Two point position at halt and walk.
  • Introduce sitting trot.

Subsequent lessons will build on these basic skills


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