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Before The Ride

  1.  Find proper saddle, girth, pad, bridle, tackbox and crop in the tack room and bring to wash rack area.
  2. Bring horse from stall or paddock to wash rack.
  3. Secure horse on cross ties.
  4. If necessary, remove fly mask
  5. Start on near (left) side of horse and using currycomb, begin currying horse on the neck working your way back to the tail.
  6. Use medium dandy brush to brush away loose hair and dirt. Repeat on other side of horse starting at neck.
  7. Use soft brush on legs and face to gently remove dirt.
  8. Use hairbrush to brush mane and tail
  9. Starting with the near (left) front leg, clean hoof with hoof pick. Repeat for each hoof working counter-clockwise finishing with the right front foot.
  10. Spray the horse with fly spray, paying close attention to legs and underside of horse.



You are now ready to tack up your horse.


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