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Safety Around Horses

Arriving for Your Lesson

  • Please observe the Naples Riding Academy speed limit of 10 mph. Watch especially for horses and riders, dogs and children.
  • Do not bring your other pets to the facility.
  • Dress appropriately for your lesson (See your first lesson!)
  • Do not wear jewelry or rings to the barn, especially do not wear any jewelry when handling horses or in your lessons.
  • Arrive an adequate time before your lesson to groom and tack up your horse.
  • Always check in at the NRA office for your lesson and check the bulletin board for your horse assignment.


Grooming and Tacking Up

  • Always approach the horse by his left shoulder.
  • Put on halter from left side.
  •  If there is a chain on the lead line, put the chain thru the halter, around his nose and attach to other side.
  • Lead horse from his left . Always walk beside his head, not in front of him.
  • Put horse on cross ties to groom and take off lead line.
  • Groom thoroughly before tacking.

Safety in the Arena

  • Always check and tighten your girth/cinch if necessary before you mount.
  • All gates should be closed when inside the riding arenas.
  • Proper ring etiquette is to be maintained at all times.
  • If a lesson is in progress, please ask permission of the instructor to enter the ring. If permission is granted, the right of way must be given to the mounted students (i.e., wait until the gate area is clear before opening the gate and entering the arena). Always close the gate behind you.
  • The rule is left-shoulder-to-left-shoulder when passing opposite directions.
  • Always keep at least one-horse distance between horses. If you get too close, make a large circle back, pass to the inside or cross the arena to an open spot on the rail.


After Your Lesson

  • Return to cross ties.
  • After untacking, it is your responsibility to make sure your horse is clean and cooled down before putting him away.
  • Return all tack to proper place in the tack room.
  • Sweep wash rack so it is ready for the next person.

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