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Barn Rules

  • Never shout or scream around horses.
  • Never run in or around the barn.
  • No smoking in or near the barn!!
  • Do not run or trot your horse in the barn or in the walkways.
  • Mount and dismount your horse in the riding arenas. Never ride inside the barn!
  • Pick up any unsafe items that may be lying around and put them away.
  • Never borrow anything from NRA without permission. Never borrow any equipment from a private borders stall!
  • Please do not hand-feed treats to your horse. Place them inside the feeder.
  • Never take a horse for granted. They are not dumb or stupid and they need your constant awareness.
  • Use your tone of voice to discipline a horse if necessary.
  • Be a good example and always pick up after yourself. Pick up after others if they are untidy.
  • Put away all tack properly and facing in the proper direction.
  • Remember, your relationship with a particular horse is unique to what someone else will have. Do not listen to negative gossip.
  • Our horses, instructors, staff and working students are thoroughly trained to help you learn all aspects of good horsemanship. Don't hesitate to ask for help or to ask questions.



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